M2R Racing RFZ140 140cc 76cm Yellow "Race Ready" Supermoto

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Model: model142


M2R Racing RFZ140 Yellow Supermoto Pit Bike

This bike is the crf50 size version of it's bigger brother race and championship winning CRF70 model.

Slightly smaller that the CRF70 it's ideal for smaller rider or tighter tracks.

In fact some of our customers run both models depends on the track they are racing at.


Supermoto Features:

Hand Guards - Track essential. Protects the track in the event of the machine crashing. Also protects the rider hands in close racing and in the event of a crash

Mitus Tyres - Previously called Sava. Mitus produce a very competitive racing tyre. Heats up quickly and can handle many heat cycles when using tyre warmers. On this model we supply racing slicks as standard.
DHZ Mobster Wheels - Spoke rims maybe lighter but you can't run the tyres tubless and the advantages with a mag wheels are, the front end is much more stable at high speed, the tyres do not require inner tubes, and the wheels are unlikely to bend or break when crashed.
Catch Tray - Track essential. Catches any oil or fuel from your engine ensuring that it's not dropped on the track.
Crash Bobbins -Track essential

YX Motorsport Race Engine — The ultimate power packed 140cc engine fit for motor racing! 
Gearbox — Race pattern design. It is incorporated with a manual gearbox (4 speed), with a user friendly arrangement— N to 4— Neutral to 4th (upward action) 
Kick in Gear – You can kick start the bike, when the bike is off in any gear.
Coil pack - The up-graded coil pack incorporated in this unique bike gives a very high voltage to the spark-plugs for the internal combustion. 
Carburetor — It is the 26 millimeter Mikuni Carb that tunes your bike to the maximum performance. 
Oil Cooler — The CNC oil cooler is light-weight and acts as a perfect cooler to remove the excess heat from the internal combustion. 
Bash plate — It’s a mini bash plate and it is also very light weight yet giving the highest protection to your engine! 

Suspension Features:

Rear Suspension — VOLT Racing rear shock-absorbers are fully adjustable. Front Suspension — VOLT Racing front forks are also fully adjustable with a leading front axle. 


Brake — Front brake caliper is twin pot hydraulic. This is a perfectly designed part of the disc-brake assembly system. Rear Brake is a single pot hydraulic caliper. Disk Brakes are designed wavy for maximum heat dispense!
RFZ Levers -The levers are fold back so in an event of a fall the lever would fold back rather than snap and break.
RFZ handle — The strong handlebars are with the brace bar and pad.
Graphics - The graphics on this bike are 3M waterproof.
Gripper Seat – The Seat design gives a perfect grip to the rider
Quick Action Throttle - The throttle is very easy to use and gives fast action as per the desire of the rider.



This race bike will come as a standrad RFZ with the MX parts removed and will be in more kit form than most pit bikes. The assembling includes rear suspension, front mud guard, handlebars, handguards, fitting wheel valves, fitting the Mitus tyres, assembling brake discs and sprocket to wheels, drilling axles and fitting crash bobbins, fitting oil catch tray, oil change and chain tension along with the full inspection of the bike is required before its first use. We can supply this bike fully assembled, PDI checked and tested on demand with a charge.



The spares and upgrades are easily available from and we also offer free technical support and backup service to all outcustomers.

Support: Unlike most other online retailers, offer a full backup service and FREE technical support to all of our customers. We stock standard parts for all our bikes and buggies and have an expanding range of performance parts available.

Terrain: Full off road use including Moto X

A mechanically able person will be required to carry out the assembly and maintenance of this product. You should be prepared to maintain and fit parts to this product when required. DO NOT purchase this product unless you are able to maintain it.

*** This item must be built up and PDI'd to qualify for your 30 day competition warranty.


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