MXR 61cm Green Electric Kids Mini Dirt Bike

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Model: model101


MXR 50 - Electric Mini Dirt Bike 

This brand new electric version of the UK's bestselling and best quality mini moto dirt bike has two very important features that you won't find on any of our competitors bikes:- Firstly it has a high power LITHIUM battery, and secondly a "Rare Earth Neodymium Magnet Motor."

This 36 Volt LITHIUM battery is a substantial upgrade from the much cheaper lead acid batteries. Substantially lighter, it offers more performance, and most importantly; much more ride time. In optimum conditions up to 14 miles.

Naturally an electric motor produces immediate power and torque, so for your junior thrill seeker that wants smile inducing fun, instant acceleration, and fantastic fun wheelie power – this is the bike for you! 

Riding is simple and easy with no gears, it’s fully automatic, so just twist the throttle and away you go. 

With a LITHIUM battery, attached to a powerful Rare Earth Neodymium Magnet Motor, it offers brisk performance, less moving parts than a petrol counterpart, less maintenance, and is almost silent in its operation.

A unique safety feature on this model is that the speed can be governed. With a removable key the parent can select one of three speed settings, 5 mph / 10 mph / 16 mph.

The MXR range has been predominantly designed for kids 12 years and up, with a maximum weight capacity circa 55KG, having said with a total length of 112cm, a low seat height of 61cm, this bike is commonly purchased for ages 6+ at the parents discretion.


Hours of fun from a small bike with a big bike attitude...Your kid's gonna love it!








unlike some other internet shops offer a full after sales service and free technical backup to all their customers. We stock all standard spares, together with an increasing range of performance parts for this exact bike. 
This product REQUIRES ASSEMBLY. Tools will be required. Suitable for very dry gentle off road use only, i.e. gravel, flat grass, tarmac. Potential purchasers should have, or should know someone, with a good understanding of mechanical products. Assembly consists of attaching front wheel, front mudguard, front number board, handlebars, sticker kit and rear suspension shock.

BATTERY INFO: DO NOT USE THE PRODUCT before the battery has been correctly and fully charged as stated in the instruction manual. If the battery is only charged for say 2hrs, the memory cells in the battery will remember its only been charged for 2hrs and it won't charge for any longer than that on any other charge, no matter how long it's left on charge. This will mean that you won't get the full potential from the battery. Not something we will cover on warranty.

Supporting Documentation

MXR Electric Mini Dirt Bike User Manual MXR Electric Mini Dirt Bike User Manual