800w Red Electric Kids Mini Quad Bike

98.00€  345.00€
Model: model154

The Kids Electric Mini Quad – 800w Electric Version in Red.

The new Kids Electric Mini Quad has arrived!

Fitted with a fantastic 800 watt 36 volt motor! This is the market leader for performance and reliability.

Check out and scroll through the video's above for product information, assembly advice, setup info and a full 360 of the model.

Great features include various modes of power. A switch dictates a choice of 3 speeds, the slowest setting being 8 km/h, the middle setting being 15 km/h, and the fastest setting being 25 km/h. This makes it easy for parents to set a slow speed for their children if required and increase it as they gain experience or as they get older.

As well as variable speed, there's also forward, neutral and reverse gears and a twist grip throttle, which is easier to operate with younger hands.

This mini quad is safe, quiet and simple to maintain!

All Electric mini Quads are not the same.

It’s easy to get confused when purchasing an electric mini quad, after all, many models look similar, 4 wheels and a motor, what can be different?

You should be aware the build quality and parts quality is very important to the performance and reliability.

This mini quad has been specified for quality, performance and reliability, Improvements specified over standard mini quads include –

Power – 800w 36v Motor – High power reliable motor upgraded from the standard 350w and 500w.

Three Disc Brakes – Two front disk brakes and an independent rear disk brake for safety.

Higher Grade Wheel Bearings – This gives a much longer life to the bearings and allows the bike to handle the weight of your children as they grow without regular replacement.

Longer Wearing Tyres – Higher grade tyres give better grip and reduce the number of changes required.

Rear Axle Safety Cover & Strengthening Bar – Steel cover of the rear axle protecting children from the moving parts and giving more handling stability.

High Quality Suspension – Three high grade shock absorbers giving a smoother ride and weight management. Weight Limit 65kg, over 9.5 st.

Steel Frame – Chromoly steel frame. The same material used in much higher priced vehicles.

Adult Control – Multiple settings for speed control. 5, 8 and 13mph. Instant Power Shut Off on Brake.

Safety and Design – Not only CE approved but also MIRA tested to UK standards.

Support: offer a full backup service and FREE technical support to all of our customers. We stock standard parts for all our products and have a large range of performance parts available.

Terrain: The kids petrol mini quad is suitable for concrete, tarmac and gentle off-road use like gravel paths and flat grass.