EGL Madmax 250cc White Sports Adults Quad Bike

98.00€  1,890.00€
Model: model168

EGL Madmax 250cc Adults White Quad Bike

Just like the name suggests this quad bike is mad – taking things to the next level you better hold on tight as you’ll be in for a truly awesome off roading experience in this beast.

Visually appealing and with features that will blow your mind, this quad is definitely the hero in the action movie. For starters Madmax has a water cooling cylinder with an electric fan for a smooth-running engine and a sport exhaust system. This quad looks mean with its wide tires and proportions so prepare to dominate the terrain.

Let’s take a closer look

This tough quad packs some quality features :

  • Easy access to electrical and air filter
  • Four speed manual gearbox and 1 reverse gear
  • Hydraulic disc brakes – front and rear
  • Adjustable shock absorbers
  • Coated in Robust and durable Rough powdered paint to protect body work
  • Digital speedometer and clear dashboard

With precise handling, aggressive tread and an exceptional ground clearance, you can rocket over any terrain without any inference, nothing will get in your way.

What we love most about this quad is that it’s tough, this isn’t going to break from underneath you as you put the throttle down. Give it all you’ve got and it can still take more!


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