Junior Kids Cadet 90cc Racing Go Kart

73.00€  840.00€
Model: model239

Junior Kids Cadet 90cc Racing Go Kart


This unique machine is for wannaby professional F1 racing drivers whom will use the kart for their first introduction into the world of go karting. Power slides, wheel spins and top speeds in excess of 30mph can be achieved. 

Simplistic strong design, our kids 90cc Racing Go Kart has a clone Honda design overhead cam petrol engine, fully auto clutch, single independent hydraulic rear disk brake, front bumper with inpact protection, side bumpers, nassu panel, alluminium floor pan, rear engine protection bar, fully rose jointed steering, chain drive and moulded driver's seat. 

  • 90cc Overhead cam engine
  • Strong simplistic design
  • Hydraulic rear disk brake
  • Chain guards
  • All round crash protection
  • Acman Steering for improved handling
  • Fully adjustable set up
  • 165cm long, 94cm wide, 30cm seat height, 75cm total height

Requires some home assembly by a mechanically able person.

IMPORTANT - CONDITIONS OF USE: All karts are leisure go-karts and as no safety standards are available, driving is at your own risk. Neither the manufacturer nor are liable for personal or other damages neither to participating or non-participating persons. At delivery the owner takes full responsibility for the kart and for the use thereof. Ensure that the person driving is of an age and size suitable to drive the kart safely. Drivers under 16 must do so only with the permission of their parents and younger children should be accompanied by an adult at all times. 

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